Exile And Redemption: A Neo-Hasidic Rock Opera

12 Music Videos :: One Epic Story


A mystical tale of Divine providence, shattered dreams, and resilient transformation, drawing from Hasidic legend and refracted through the lens of one family's existential struggle and triumph of spirit. A symphonic journey exploring the mystery of Judaism and the meaning of life.


Composed, Written, & Directed by Aryeh Shalom*

Single Jewish Father. Community Organizer. Singer-songwriter.


Music Production :: Barrie Maguire

(Amos Lee, Natalie Merchant, The Wallflowers) 

Cinematography :: Shaia Erlbaum

(Content Creator for Universal Music Group) 

A Visual Album Produced by Old City Theatre


*Aryeh Shalom is an "Israelite" and a scion of the tribe of Levi (traditionally known to be priests, teachers, singers, musicians, & guardians of the Temple in Jerusalem). Technically an Israelite on his father's side (Although, long story shortish, possibly a Kohen, with the last name Cohen, which was changed from Kozac on Ellis Island, and Kovacs is a Kohanic dynasty. "Wow, that was a mouthful."), he is a direct descendent, on his mother’s side, of Aaron HaKohen (Moses's brother, ambassador, & High Priest of Israel). Aryeh is a Co-Founder & the Creative / Social Arts Director of The Chevra social club in Philadelphia. But most importantly, he is the proud single father of three amazing girls... "Ok, enough about me (in the third person no less), what do you think about me?"

Exile And Redemption: A Neo-Hasidic Rock Opera By Aryeh Shalom